Monday, February 23, 2009

Distractions Of Life

Being an asshole whose gonna sit for SPM this year
Instead of thinking about what i want to do after SPM
i find myself dreaming bout ping-pong
Ping pong!
After i moved to my new class at school
My classmates and i found a ping pong table at the back of our class.
after few days of playing
we fell in love with it.
We would skip class just to play it
i tend to find myself on the phone with my friends talking bout what time we should play ping pong tomorrow at school.
So caught up with this new hype of ours yet knowing that exams are just next week
So i guess i probably will miss the 8th march jam cause you might find me at the back of my class playing ping pong

' When One Has Nothing To Talk About, ..Talk Shit ' - David Sam


  1. Fuckin ping pong..Lol..
    Lol,talk shit!!

  2. fuck you la.
    dont you dare talk bout my ping pong

  3. u see tmr I'll kalahkan u raja ping-pong asshole!
    btw u lost to chin keong!!

  4. babi,
    8th march tu ahad weyh..!!
    jgn nak ngade2 pi skolah plak,
    jam dulu..!!

  5. ROFL. ping pong is one awesome game!
    I think u started the whole table ping pong thing with CD covers right?
    Leet shit!