Monday, February 23, 2009

Distractions Of Life

Being an asshole whose gonna sit for SPM this year
Instead of thinking about what i want to do after SPM
i find myself dreaming bout ping-pong
Ping pong!
After i moved to my new class at school
My classmates and i found a ping pong table at the back of our class.
after few days of playing
we fell in love with it.
We would skip class just to play it
i tend to find myself on the phone with my friends talking bout what time we should play ping pong tomorrow at school.
So caught up with this new hype of ours yet knowing that exams are just next week
So i guess i probably will miss the 8th march jam cause you might find me at the back of my class playing ping pong

' When One Has Nothing To Talk About, ..Talk Shit ' - David Sam

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie Reviews

Im only doing this cause i've got nothing else to write about
Plus, i bury myself in movies every single day
So..i guess im good at movies
Just a reminder, *i just download movies just to prove i download not to watch *
I download movies based on their pictures not on the content
So far this two weeks i have downloaded about 18-20 movies such as

The Hitcher - havent watched | but looks nice
Perfume - A very very nice movie! | Alot of nudity involved
Accepted - bout a guy who makes his own college | nice movie
The Oxford Movies - a guy goes to oxford and murders happen | i rate this for 5 Stars, A1, 100%
We Own The Night - havent watched
Her Best Move - bout a girl who rocks and soccer | nice i guess
Never Back Down - Wrestling movie | seriously a nice movie
The Good Student - bout a student (Claire Bennete on Heroes) who has an affair with a teacher
The Midnight Meat Train- i dono i dono
Hannibal Rising - havent watched | surely nice
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - havent watched
College - 3 nerd from high school go to college for more exposure | very nice
Training Day - idono
Promotion - i dono
Good Luck Chuck - bout a guy who fucks people and the person who got fucked will get married
Young People Fucking- haha havent watched | Yes it is about young people fucking
Kicking And Screaming- no idea
The Hottest State - no idea

Thats all im capable of writing now, cause i feel like i've been writing crap all this time
So Thats It.
Anyone who wants the movies just come my house with a pendrive.
I use Megaupload to download these movies
its a paying method

Friday, January 30, 2009

Education, Screw It

Owh hell.
Just got back from 6 hours of tuition
6 WEI! 6! 6!
2 hours on Addmaths[F4]
2 hours on Addmaths[F5]
2 hours on Physics[F5]

2+2+2 = 6 !
6 WEI!
6 !
To make matters worst.
i was given a simple addmaths test
and i freakingly flunked it
i got 0%
0 wei!
and i got 2 hard canings from the Indian teacher.
what could be worse then getting hit by an indian la..
Now im just gonna have a movie marathon and i'll probably sleep my way through it.

Yeap, My First Blog Post!

Im not that sure how to write a blog but who cares right??
Well i started the day with my phone alarm ringing playing a doremon song at bout 10am.
I had to get up,stupid doremon song damn annoying wei, then i on my computer.Signed in msn.
and started to download movies
I then, had a bath and brushed my teeth
After that, i waited like a dumbass in my room for Hariz to come pick me up cause we planned to go and visit Haziq whose screwed up in the Hospital
Hariz came at bout 11.20 with his brother by his side with thier Hilux.Then i got in the car and headed for faiz house.
Picked him up and Arjun too and we staright away headed to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.Then, we had abit of trouble with the parking knowing the Hilux is freaking big.
Then, once we reached the hospital arjun started making his usual lame funny jokes.
Seriously they were funny.
then arjun went did some investigation on where Haziq is
We then found out he was on the 2nd floor .
Well we counldnt go up there cause stupid lady guards said visiting hours only starts at 12.30
So we jsut walked like mad people around the hospital. Once it was 12.30 we headed up there.
We walked quite a distance and found Haziq on the bed lying next to what seemed to be an Indon guy with metals sticking out of his leg on the left side,
And on the right side was an Indian!.
damn i love him
We talked some shit to haziq.
then i felt dizzy and my face became white
i hate hospitals.
then we continued to talk crap to haziq.
was tempted to eat his food.
but his pityfull face made us not to.
Well bottomline Haziq broke his leg and hand and Fadhlan had some bruises.
I Encourage everyone to sell your motobikes and buy a bicycle
Owh yeah then we headed backa home
but we made a detour to Sabiha!.
had lunch then rahmat sent arjun and i back home
then i came back home and started to make a blog and started to write whatever im writing now.
thats it la.
i have to got for a fucking 6 hour tuition with an Indian teacher
hope he doesnt rape me or anything
wish me luck!