Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie Reviews

Im only doing this cause i've got nothing else to write about
Plus, i bury myself in movies every single day
So..i guess im good at movies
Just a reminder, *i just download movies just to prove i download not to watch *
I download movies based on their pictures not on the content
So far this two weeks i have downloaded about 18-20 movies such as

The Hitcher - havent watched | but looks nice
Perfume - A very very nice movie! | Alot of nudity involved
Accepted - bout a guy who makes his own college | nice movie
The Oxford Movies - a guy goes to oxford and murders happen | i rate this for 5 Stars, A1, 100%
We Own The Night - havent watched
Her Best Move - bout a girl who rocks and soccer | nice i guess
Never Back Down - Wrestling movie | seriously a nice movie
The Good Student - bout a student (Claire Bennete on Heroes) who has an affair with a teacher
The Midnight Meat Train- i dono i dono
Hannibal Rising - havent watched | surely nice
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - havent watched
College - 3 nerd from high school go to college for more exposure | very nice
Training Day - idono
Promotion - i dono
Good Luck Chuck - bout a guy who fucks people and the person who got fucked will get married
Young People Fucking- haha havent watched | Yes it is about young people fucking
Kicking And Screaming- no idea
The Hottest State - no idea

Thats all im capable of writing now, cause i feel like i've been writing crap all this time
So Thats It.
Anyone who wants the movies just come my house with a pendrive.
I use Megaupload to download these movies
its a paying method


  1. Damn ur computer la Sam..
    Y cannot read my external..
    I want Joey n friends!!!lol

  2. dont talk bout my computer
    ilove it ok
    come my house bring pendrive la ass